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My name is Dr. Stephen J. Haran (affectionately known as “Dr. Steve” to my clients).  My journey to licensure as a psychologist was the most difficult academic endeavor of my life, solely because of the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (or EPPP). My EPPP road was marked by failure, working multiple jobs, life issues, extending my provisional license (on numerous occasions), and falsely telling myself, "I'll study on the weekends" or "I'll study after work" or "I'll study after I go to the gym." And, on the few occasions I did crack open a book, I would immediately become frustrated and engage in a litany of unproductive self-talk. I attempted the exam for the first time shortly after graduating and failed. Eight years later when I changed jobs and was required to take the exam as a condition of employment, I left it until the last possible minute. Under an extreme amount of pressure to pass the exam, I bought a study package and began what I now know was intense cramming combined with poor strategies. This resulted in failure on my second attempt of the exam.


To say that I was devastated after failing the EPPP would be an understatement. In addition to being fired from my job for lacking a license, I became very depressed and isolated myself from family and friends. After a pep talk from my dad and the harsh reality of needing a job in order to support myself, I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and prepped for the exam for approximately three months -- January through March. For those three months, I ate, slept, and breathed EPPP prep, and when I sat for the EPPP in April 2017 and passed comfortably, it was an immense relief.


I know not everyone has the ability to devote themselves to exam prep for three exhausting months like I did, so I decided to take everything I learned and use it to help others like me pass the exam.  If you’re ready to sit for the EPPP with confidence, reach out today to learn more about my coaching program!

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