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These files are just a few samples of the outlines I use in my group study sessions for the EPPP.  Each handout is provided to the students for the purposes of additional note taking and review.  Please feel free to download them and look over them yourself.  If you have any questions, you can contact me via the form here.

The first few pages dive into the construction of the EPPP and a few of the strategies I used to break it down into manageable chunks when I was studying for my own retake.  I evaluate these with my students so that we can identify their own areas of weakness and find the test-taking strategies that will work for them.

The last few pages are a few areas of specific study for various domains of the EPPP.  I provide helpful mnemonic devices and vivid examples and metaphors as we go along to make the information as engaging and easy to remember as possible.

If you're ready to master the EPPP, send me a message today to schedule your first session!

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